Saturday, June 6, 2009


As the new resident for apexart I will try to share my observations with New York for you.
At first, I am not sure that a verbal form of blog is suitable to these. So we will see the results.

This time - a couple of feelings.
Above all sounds - natural/artificial music of NYC... I expected it, of course. All the more I am under the influence of composers like Ikue Mori, John Zorn, Sonic Youth or Pauline Oliveros and the idea of deep listening and field recording.
However first strong feelings with sounds playing I had in my bed in apexart apartment on the 15th story (the higher the better sounds are usually audible) in the first early morning in NYC.

I am also a really movie-fan so following impression from NYC is deja vu. A lot of coming back deja vu. I/ve just remembered about the beginning of the "Manhattan" by Woody Allen: "Chapter One. He adored NYC. He idealized it..." and next following version of the same introduction: romantic, sentimental, moralistic (with a memorable sentence about "NYC as a metaphor of the decay of contemporary culture"), psychoanalitical etc.
So I hope that this blog won't change only into a story about "How New York Stole My Heart", travesting the famous book by Serge Guilbaut ;) and will be a places also for a criticism or something like that. Or maybe to chill-out ;)

More of that anon.